Thursday, October 25, 2012


 halloween is right around the corner and i'm actually ahead of the game this year with costumes.  
they aren't quite done, but we are getting close. 
 i was pushed a little this year with two dress up costume parties at the beginning of october.  
just what a procrastinator needs.  

we are all going to be different birds this year.  
Julian is going to be a crow and Ella is going to be a hawk.
i really wanted her to be a swan but there was no way i was going to convince her of that.

'mom, that's not scary!'
hawk it is then.

i'm making masks for Andy and I also.  
Andy's is going to be a crow and I'm not sure what type of bird I'm going to be yet

now I just need to get my machine working again 
so I can finish the rest of their costumes.


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