Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mac N Cheese...their pick

One of the things I have been trying to incorporate into our lives is having a night where we can cook together as a family on a regular basis.  I touched on it a little here, but with the holidays we haven't really had a chance to do it very often.  With the start of this new year, my goal is once a week.

While the kids were out of school for the holidays we did have quite a few nights where they were able to cook with me.  They both love it, but Ella is the one who has really taken to it. 
This past week, almost every night she has asked if she could help me cook.  
I LOVE it!!

Last week I told them they could pick what we were going to cook and they picked Mac N' Cheese...ugh.
I did say they could pick.  

We used this recipe...kind of.  We had to change it a little here and there because we didn't have all of the ingredients.
 Yikes, look at those hang nails!
He really loves the grinder.
 They were a good team.
Why doesn't ours look like Pioneer Woman's?!!! 
We never got around to baking it because as soon as we mixed it, the kids were ready to eat it.  We should have made just a little more pasta.  We did have plenty of sauce though!!
I think that means he liked it!


  1. Ha! This is so cute - can't wait for my boys to get older so they can help a little more than they can destroy!


  2. Fun! Looks delicious!! :)


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