Monday, January 28, 2013

My Little Superman

Yep, he has glasses also.

This has been a little easier adjustment for me this time round.  I talked a little about how I felt when Ella got her glasses here.  Whew, that was such a shock!

  This time round we knew Julian would be needing glasses since that follow up visit that Ella had with the ophthalmologist.  He checked Julian's eyes that day because he said it often in runs in families.  Both of Julian's eyes were affected.  The good thing about this is Julian was not at risk of losing vision in one eye or the other.  The doctor was so sweet and recommended that we get through the holidays and then make an appointment for Julian, so we did.  

Julian was so excited about getting glasses also.  
Actually wanting to wear them now has been a little more challenging than with Ella.  Ella has never once complained about wearing glasses.  Ninety percent of the time she comes out of her room in the morning with them already on.  Once in a while I have to remind her to put them on.  

For Julian he was so excited to get them.  
We dropped off the prescription on a Wednesday and he really wanted to get them by Monday because that is his share day at school and he wanted to share them.
Everyday he asked if they were ready yet.  
(This is a little side note for anyone who wears glasses.  The vision center in Walmart is awesome. A friend with a son who has worn glasses since he was three recommended it.  They offer a warranty for any damage to the glasses.  You can take your glasses into the store in a million pieces and they will make new ones for you.  The warranty isn't too pricey either.  They did not accept our insurance but when I compared the price to the place that did accept our insurance, it didn't really cost too much more and the other place did not offer any warranty.  With kids and glasses this was on easy decision.  When we took Julian's prescription in I asked the very sweet lady if she could adjust Ella's glasses because they seemed to be a little loose.  She did and she also noticed that the lenses were scratched.  She said she was going to order new lenses and she did.  It is pretty awesome.  I'm surprised Ella's have not broken yet but I'm suspecting Julian's might be a different case...after all he is a boy and a little younger.) 
When I got the call that they were ready he literally jumped up and shouted.  You would have thought I had just told him we were going to get some ice cream.  Since getting them, though, he is constantly taking them off and asking if he could have them off for an hour.  He heard the ophthalmologist say he might need to do that in the beginning to get used to them.  He also said it might take several weeks for him to adjust.  Julian is pretty smart.  I do let him take them off here and there.  

I reminded him that superman when he is Clark Kent wears glasses and that he is like superman.  He laughed.  It didn't help much.  He said superman doesn't wear glasses.  Ha, ha. 


  1. Oh my, Julian looks SO adorable with his glasses! Love them!! Btw, I'm probably going to copy you on the portrait a week thing...I have to get back to using my actual camera more. ;)

    1. Awe thanks. You totally should do the portrait a week deal.
      It wasn't my idea but I love it.

  2. I think Julian looks so much Ella in the middle picture on the right.

  3. Hurray for kids with glasses! I was 5 or 6 when I started wearing mine. Mine were not nearly as cute as their frames are. I wore them until I was 18 and prefer contacts now cuz my lenses are so thick...and the trauma of limited kids frame selection.


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