Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby seedlings!

The time changed and as far as I'm concerned, it's spring.  
The birds are making their nests on our porch again.  We had 85 degree weather this past week and I have a lot of growth with my little seeds that I started for my garden.  

Yea! I'm so excited.  

After not having a veggie garden last year, I am getting serious this year.  I decided to go with seeds this year.  It seems like their is more of a variety and it's kind of fun.  Oh and way cheaper, especially since I plan on having a lot bigger garden.  I used the Jiffy Greenhouse and it was really easy.  I now have 72 little plants.  I have another Jiffy but I haven't planted those yet.  Next week!
 So far, I have swiss chard, spinach, serrano chiles, jalepeno chiles, red onions, and green onions.  
I see a lot of salads and salsa this summer.
There are 12 plants of each.  

 I accidentally left them outside last night and it got pretty cold.  They look ok today.  They are like my little babies right now.  Taking them in and out of the house.  Making sure they aren't in direct sun.  Yikes!
The kids love seeing how much they have grown.  
I get pretty excited also.

I still haven't built the raised beds yet, but I did clear the space for them.  I better get busy.

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  1. How exciting! It will be interesting to see what plants take off and grow like crazy.


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