Friday, April 12, 2013

our new retreat

 the last couple of weeks we have been spending more and more time in our backyard.  the beautiful spring weather has drawn us outside and our new space has become our own little retreat.  

in the past our front yard was kind of the go to yard to play in.  
we still spend time out front, but we have definitely found ourselves out back a lot more.  
right now we don't have much as far as furniture goes, but for now a blanket laid on the ground has worked for our picnic dinners.  

we opted not to have a heater in our pool, but that hasn't stopped the kids and andy from hopping in.  
luckily the pool isn't too big, so it has warmed up pretty quick.  we are so thankful for our pool.  

most of my little seedlings are now in our raised beds.  i have been spending a lot of my time trying to find the little caterpillars that are invading my swiss chard and spinach.  ugh, they are driving me crazy.  i'm going to try making a natural spray out of onion and garlic skins that I read about somewhere.  hopefully it will help.  

battleship games have moved outdoors 

and of course a lot of time tending to our newest additions have moved us into the backyard.
these guys have been spending a lot more time outside now that it has really warmed up and they are a little bigger.  
we still have to keep a close eye on them until we get their coop built.  yesterday a falcon scared us when it landed close by on our back wall.  it sat and stared at me for about a minute before flying off to a nearby tree.  i'm sure it had spied our little chicks running around.  the rest of the afternoon we were all like mother hens guarding our little chicks.  the chicks were none the wiser as they ran around scratching and exploring.  
pink lemonade joined in a game of keep away with the kids.  as the kids were rolling a tennis ball back and forth to each other, pink lemonade chased the ball back and forth. 
they are such fun little creatures to watch.

i am loving our new little retreat.  i foresee a lot more time spent our backyard.  this summer i'm sure the kids will live in the pool and i hope to have the deck set up for many more meals out under the sky.  
we have much to be thankful for.


  1. Spending time in our own yard is the best especially when the weather is like it is now - wonderful, beautiful Spring!

    We have grand plans for our backyard to make it more of a play area but it doesn't stop us from picnicing. :)


    1. For sure...and kids love to picnic.
      I love it too!!

  2. Your backyard seems like such a cool place to hang out! Your garden is really taking shape. Great job! I've been paranoid about little critters munching on our plants. I go outside everyday to inspect them for bugs.

    1. Yeah!! So you did get some plants planted! These bugs are driving me crazy. I just read about other good bugs to buy to put in your garden...I need to try that.

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