Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the coop

 So I wanted to wait until the coop was completely finished, but I can't wait.  
This is what it looks like right now.  
It is turning out so good.  My husband is pretty amazing. 
This is being built without any plans.  We had a small area to work with and the coop had to be built around a few obstacles. 
  Ella sizing it up. 
It's pretty much 8ft x 7ft minus the little cutout for the tree.  The other obstacle is the cable that anchors the power line pole behind us.  

 Good thing Andy had quite a few helpers.

 And they are pretty cute.
 They wanted to help also, but they had a hard time holding the wood up while it was being drilled together.
 During the day, the chicks are either running around the yard when we are out there with them, or else in their coop.  
We have just been wrapping the chicken wire around the coop for now.  The bricks on the roof are used to hold the tarp that hangs over the edge.  
A few weeks ago while we were in the backyard a falcon landed on the back wall and I'm pretty sure he was thinking about swooping up a nice little meal.  He relocated to a nearby tree after Julian scared him away, but he stayed hanging out for a couple of hours until we took the chicks in.  So the tarp is just to keep our falcon friend away.  
Here is where we we hopefully be getting our eggs from. 

It's getting so close to being done. 
Just a couple more things need to be done.
The entry door needs to be made.  
The door and slider for the hen house needs to be made.
Roofing it.
Getting all the chicken wire in...
then I think it will be done.
So close.

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