Monday, July 22, 2013

fresh EGGS!!

This was a big week for us. 
As Andy and I drove away from my parents house the other day, I blurted out "I forgot to tell my mom the chickens are laying eggs!!!".  You would have thought I had forgotten to tell her something a little more important.  
Andy kind of snickered.  
Hey, what can I say, I'm excited!!
These girls are only 4 months old.  We heard they can start laying as early as 4 months, but usually
it's not until about 6 to 8 months.  We were not expecting eggs for at least a couple more months.  Way to go girls.  We aren't sure which ones are actually laying but we know two of them are.  We have gotten 2 eggs every day for the last few days. 
 I think it's Pinky.
When I first thought to look inside of their hen house, it was because Pinky was squawking and squawking and she went into the hen house and came out about a minute or two later.  The chickens are rarely in the coop when the door is open much less the hen house.  They only go in there at night.  When she went in there I knew something was up, but I was still not expecting an egg.  

These chickens are such interesting pets. Yes, they are our pets and friends.  They have personalities way different than I would have ever thought.  They are super social for the most part.  Sean and Newspaper are a little more skittish.  They will come around us when we are feeding them, otherwise they keep a little distance.  Pinky, my favorite, is beyond social.  She will follow anyone around and she is always the first to our back patio door when they are out.  She is one nosy, curious bird.  I love it.  She needs to be in everyone's business.
  I way trying to reach some ripe tomatoes yesterday that were right in the middle and I couldn't quite reach them from either side.  I kept stretching and reaching from one side, then back to the other side.  Every time I turned around, there she was.  She followed me back and forth.  I think she just wanted a tomato.  She loves them.  They all do.  When she gets one she will take the whole thing in her mouth and run as fast as she can with it.  She doesn't like to share.  It is one of the funniest things to see. 

These girls sure are entertaining!!

Fresh eggs!

  We are so excited!!

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  1. Fresh eggs- how exciting! Your garden is so green and full. Thank you for sharing about your chickens. I didn't realize they had such big personalities.


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