Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road Trip - part 1

We took a little road trip to try to satisfy our ever wandering hearts at the beginning of August.

An open road, fresh air and not too much of an agenda.  It was perfect. We headed up the 395 and all of our memories of the many times we traveled that highway pre-kids flooded our thoughts.  Going to snowboard at Mammoth on a whim was so easy.  We packed our bags and we didn't really care where we ended up sleeping that night.  The road was filled with music, long conversations or me reading a book aloud for both of us to enjoy.  This trip was a lot like the way we used to travel.  We didn't have any reservations anywhere, but we were free!!

We stopped at Manzanar as we once did so many years ago.  It's a part of our country and state's history.  We are always trying to expose our kids to as many learning experiences as we can.  They of course couldn't completely grasp what happened to all of those people and how life changing that must have been and I don't think I truly do either.  Julian filled out his junior park ranger booklet and wasn't leaving until he got his badge.  
I love this about him!! 
 He did the same thing when we went to Joshua Tree.   

After a few stops and a couple of phone calls along the drive, we found these tent cabins.  With a base camp set for the next couple of days we were back to exploring.

We tried a little fishing, without much luck.  Next time!

We couldn't come this far and not see Mammoth mountain.  We took the gondola to the top where there were gail force winds...almost.  Although I was freezing and ready to get back into the gondola as soon as I stepped out, it was a beautiful view and pretty amazing to see the mountain without any snow on it.  

Yikes, there are a lot of rocks under all that snow!

I will try to post more pictures from the rest of our trip later.  I'm just a little behind.

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