Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The fabric that wanted to be a dress

I have a new obsession with sewing with t-shirt material. I enjoy sewing but sometimes it can be tiresome with all the steps of hemming, ironing,trimming, etc. So my new love for t-shirt material is the ability to leave raw edges without looking completely lazy. YES!! That's like 5 less steps to do in a project. I started with jammie bottoms for the kiddos.

Perfect, right? Clean on the inside. No serger required for the clean finish look. Hem at the top and a little elastic. Raw edge on the bottom. Done. Seriously, too easy.

My original plan was just to make jammie bottoms and buy cheap little t-shirts from Target ot Old Navy...but then I thought why not give a t-shirt a try since the bottoms were so easy, a t-shirt can't be that hard. HA! I had no ribbing for the collar so I thought I cound just use the t-shirt material cut on the bias... It definitely did not turn out like I had planned. The neck opening was way too tight, the sleeves had somehow become way too big and the bottom was a little on the tapered narrow side. I hate wasting material and junking anything I have already put time into, so with a cut off of the collar here, a gather of the sleeve there, a skirt added on here and a little decorative addition at the neckline there, my jammie top became a cute little dress. I did not get a good picture of her standing but I'm sure it will get a lot of use and I will have plenty of oppotunites for pics.

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