Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Happy Day

Today is the birthday of someone I love. He doesn't know about this blog yet, because I have yet to tell anyone, so I think it is safe to share all the fun things I can't wait to give him. I have been trying this year to only give handmade gifts and so far I think I have done pretty good. My only exception is books. I go to this awesome used bookstore called The Bookman.
I could be in there for hours, which I think I was the other day. Thankfully they have a nice little play area for the kids. My special person builds hotrods so I think he might like these.

A few nicely illustrated vintage books.

This is a painting of a '32 roaster.

Here is a cozy crocheted hat modeled by the little. He likes the ones with ear flaps for after surfing. I have one other hat that I still need to finish so I better get to it.


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