Sunday, August 9, 2009


Road trip!!! This weekend we took a little excursion to a little town called Julian. We liked the name so why not? Julian is a tiny little town located inland of San Diego . It is a historic mining town that has some cute little shops, a lot of small art galleries and great places to eat. We had lunch at a great little sandwich and ice cream shop. They specialize in wraps and paninis. I had an awesome zucchini and pesto panini. I can't find the name of it but it is located right behind Soups & Such and is super tasty if you are ever in the area. The town itself is cool for about 2 hours, dining included, especially with 2 little ones who don't mix well in little shops with plenty of breakables, but what we especially liked was the surrounding area. My dream house would be located on at least 10 acres covered with mature trees and with a small stream running through the property. A nice size garden and a huge barn would be located near the modest sized house. The kids and the dog would run free exploring on our property, while I worked on crafts in my open-air studio and my husband worked in the barn now converted to a place to build hot rods. Just over the hill would be a secluded beach with a perfect right. Hey, one can dream, right?
We found many perspective properties along the way that we were able to dream about...minus the beach over the hill.

A little town called Wynola, just outside of Julian, has a great tepee and a place to mine for gold which is worth a stop.

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