Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the possibilities

Since I started my challenge for the year of no buying (new) clothes, I am actually getting really excited about the possibilities. I have found some lovely fabric at the fabric shop I love in their $1.69 aisles. I just need to find some cute patterns.
I also love this idea over at Lune Vintage. It's a thrifted dress that has been altered so beautifully. She also dyes slips and they turn out so amazing. I am definitely going to try one.
I found a slip, just need the dye.


  1. What fabric store do you go to? $1.69 is a great price! I like M&L in Anaheim...but I'm always looking for new fabric stores!

  2. M&L is my favorite also. Those aisles,with the fabric stacked on top of eachother higher than your head and a nightmare to try to get any fabric out,are the $1.69 aisles. Time and patience are must if you are going to be sucessful on your scavenger hunt.

  3. Oh yea, I've tried those aisles too...but I don't have the patience or the physical strength to find anything in there! ;-) (Maybe if I go WITHOUT Sophie I can make it work!)


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