Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrap Blanket

Well maybe not a scrap blanket but more so a blanket made from scraps.
Do you save every scrap of fabric? Is your fabric storage area overflowing?
This is starting to sound like an infomercial.
Maybe I'm the only crazy who has a hard time parting with fabric scraps. I am turning into my grandma more and more everyday. At least she has an excuse, she lived through the depression when being frugal and resourceful was a matter of survival.
Anyway, back to my blanket.
I decided enough was enough. I have fabric invading every space in my craft closet and I wasn't going to take it anymore. I started cutting 5X5 inch squares and never looked back.
This little project has been kind of therapeutic.
The cutting, the sewing little squares in to long strips and sewing the long strips together has made for a very relaxing time.
It's mindless, repetitive sewing. I never really realized how relaxing sewing can be. I usually sew because it is fun to create, but not usually because I need to just relax.
So now my bins of fabric can close and we have a new blanket made from a bunch of different material from many different projects and it is somewhat of a memory quilt.
As I was cutting the fabric, I began thinking back on the many different little blankets, dresses, bedding, dolls, toys, etc that was originally made from the various fabrics and it made me happy to put it all together in a little quilt for our family.

I haven't quite finished it yet. I still need to go get some batting. I was just trying it on Ella's bed for size. I plan on just hand tying it because machine quilting it would just take too long and really I just suck at it.
Here is our new little friend Saylor. Isn't she cute?
I like her.
She likes me.
She fell asleep in my arms...twice. I still have the touch...this will only be useful for friends babies since our family of five is at max capacity.

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