Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I hate when I am looking for something specific from a thrift store because I rarely find what I am looking for. Usually thrift stores are overflowing with vintage wood plaques, but no so today. I want to paint pictures of Ella and Julian to hang on their doors. I loved the idea when I saw it on Bluebird and have had it on my project list. Next time...
This time I did find this lovely fabric. One and 5/8 yd for only $2. Seriously! It is a pretty heavy material, so I think it will be perfect for a bag I have been wanting to make. It's going to be a nice huge sometimes purse, sometimes weekender, carryall bag.
No idea what I am going to do with 100 yds of 1.5 in. black satin ribbon, but I couldn't pass it up for 50 cents.
A large mason jar for a quarter - thank you. We have been enjoying the bins of goodies at Sprouts and these mason jars are great for storing the goods.
Lastly, 2 books on 2 subjects high on my interest list - photography and soups (under that sad dust jacket is a beautiful book).
Can't wait to try one of these recipes.

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  1. hi melissa,

    thought i would pop over and let you know how i joined my granny squares. the first time i joined them last year, i just sewed them together with like colored yarn, but the last two cushions i made, i attempted to slip stitch the squares together and it worked very nicely... perhaps you could try YouTubing 'how to slip stitch granny squares' and i'm sure you will find help :)

    cheerio and peachy fabric find!!
    Tif x


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