Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'all by myself"

With the luxury of no time constraints, we enjoy making a production out of breakfast.
Ella has gotten pretty good at making pancakes. She likes to do it 'all by herself'.
Bananas or blueberries are a necessity in our pancakes.
Today it was bananas...only because we had one that was getting a little too black and needed a good smushing up. Not sure that's a word, but it's fun to say.
Julian had some suggestions on what we could add to the batter, but luckily Ella was set on doing it 'all by herself'.
I poured these. I really should have gotten a picture of the batter all over the cook top when Ella was doing it 'all by herself'.
Nice technique!
Almost kept all of them in the pan.
WOW!! Job well done.
Tasty too! Finger lickin' good.
These jammies were made by my grandma when Ella was a baby and Ella still loves to wear them even though they are way too small. Gotta love the lace.
Time for some tricks...'all by myself'.

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