Monday, April 12, 2010

back on the machine

I go through phases with my different interests.
Some days it's sewing and other days it's not.
Right now I feel like sewing, so I better get at it before I am on to something else.
But first, here are a couple of recent projects.
a little bag for a friend
(my own pattern)
WOW!!! I finally made myself a dress.I used this pattern. I was a little confused with the sizing so I altered the size a little and it ended up being way too big. I added a little bit of elastic in the front and positioned the buttons at the back a little bit in and it now fits perfect. If you look closely you can see the huge overlap at the back. Oh well, better too big than too small, right?
A couple of pockets and small ruffled sleeves and I have myself a dress. I need a better hanger to display all the dresses I am going to be making. HA! Wishful thinking. I do have a couple of goals set for myself, though.

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