Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a feast and a fire...a great spring night

A couple of nights ago, before the cold and rain, it felt like a summer night, so I planned a little feast and a bonfire night for us. My plan was great. Andy got to BBQ and I made the rice. HA! He actually likes to BBQ and usually if I even turn it on and act like I am going to BBQ, I will immediately be shooed away. I don't mind because I'm not a big meat eater and I think the job of actually cooking meat should be up to those that enjoy it...right? This chicken actually was pretty enjoyable. I usually have a hard time with chicken on the bone, with all the tendons and blood vessels still attached, but this was very tasty. I sliced up some garlic and shoved it under the skin (YUCK!!) along with some salt and a generous squirt of lemon. Then I added a couple more squirts of lemon and salt on top. Moist and tasty.
The corn is always a winner. I think the kids love it so much because they get to use the cute little corn holders.
Everyone wanted seconds...especially Yosh.
Look at these two.
Ella has a couple of things she likes to hold onto...her cup and these kitty pants I made her for Halloween a couple of years ago. The pants are okay by me because they are actually really warm. The sippy cups...well, they are supposed to be only for Julian inside the house. Yeah, you can see how well that plan is working out.
Yosh and I having a moment.
The night ended up getting pretty cold and I was hoping for a big roaring fire to warm us, but no matter how much we tried to coax our little fire, it just didn't want to cooperate (I'm going to blame it on the wood). We just had to settle for cuddling up.
these are my favorite types of nights!

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