Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a breakthrough

With two children, there are bound to be differences and when it comes to water they are very different. They both love it. They both want to play in the bath for hours. They both love to play in sprinklers and with the water hose to make mud and mud pies especially. They both love playing in pools and splashing around. The difference is in going under water. Julian, since he was a baby, loves to go under water and does not mind water in his face. He jumps into a pool, goes under water and when I pick him up he is smiling, laughing and begging me not to get him. At the beach, before he could walk, he would crawl straight for the water and when the waves would roll up and splash into his face he would burst out in a giggle and crawl with even more determination toward the great vast ocean. Little Miss is like a cat with water on her face. She needs a towel when it's in her eyes and swim lessons are dreaded...they go underwater. Swim lessons, hmmm, still a little torn on this issue. I definitely want them safe in the water, but I grew up around pools and never had swim lessons and figured it out. Anyways, they are in swim lessons and we had a breakthrough.
Most lessons consist of resistance, tears, go under water, cough, cough, choke, cry. Underwater, cough, cough, choke, cry. Yesterday we had pre-lesson talking and coaching from daddy. A quick pep talk from mama on the way to swim. I think her love for whales and wanting to pretend to be a whale helped also. So, about the third time going underwater she came up without coughing and choking. I saw the realization in her eyes. The next time underwater there was little resistance. Up she came again with no coughing and even the slightest bit of a smile. After hearing a big cheer from mama and Julian she gave out a little laugh and huge smile spread across her face. The rest of the lesson was a breeze and I could see her confidence grow. Strange how little things like this can almost bring a tear to a mama's eye. OK, so I am probably a little more sensitive than most, but I am so happy for her.
Good job big girl.

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