Wednesday, May 26, 2010

fuzz and gunk

This is what I like to do at midnight.
This was actually so much fun for me. I try to clean my friend often and at times I do forget. I use the tiny little cleaning brush that came with my machine and remove as many fuzz balls as my little brush can reach. I remove the bobbin, the little plate on top that keeps everything in, the little bobbin holder and I feel so much satisfaction when I get great balls of fuzz out.
Well, as mentioned in my last post, my machine and I were at odds. She is sick and I should just have her get a little tune-up, but I'm kind of a do-it-yourself type of person. So after the frustrations of trying to sew the little miss her dress, I decided I needed to repair my machine. I had never removed this bottom section before and WOW, no wonder my poor friend was performing so badly. Huge clumps of fuzz and gunk came tumbling out. As I turned the wheel, the river of fuzz balls continued to flow. I began to feel really bad about all of the horrible names I had called my faithful friend.
This was after the down and dirty cleaning.
The gears had so much gunk and fuzz smashed in them, I'm surprised they were even able to turn.
I'm not sure she is cured, but she has to be feeling a lot better. I will give her a little test run tomorrow. Oh, I do need to figure out what kind of lube to use. I removed a whole lotta grease with all my cleaning.

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  1. I hope you do come over to NZ, it's a very pretty country but the shops aren't always the greatest! Still you probably aren't coming for the shopping anyway. I'm quite excited that my blog has made you decide to travel so far. I'll have to show more photos of our country. Thanks for reading my blog, I'll enjoy reading yours now.


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