Thursday, May 27, 2010

she's our sweet girl

I'm talking about our pup, Yoshi.
So some of you may remember that our little Yosh had to have surgery on her leg about 4 months ago after tearing a ligament in her knee. Well...the same thing has happened in her other knee. What????!! I, know, incredible sad for our sweet girl.
She had been doing so well with her recovery from her first surgery although she still at times has the slightest of limp.
Those of you who are not pit bull lovers this picture might freak you out.
This happens all day long so don't be alarmed.
This girl would only be guilty of licking someone to death.
So today is her surgery and I'm sure I will again have a difficult time dropping her off.
I'm worried about her recovery and I'm just praying her leg that had the first surgery won't be injured now that it is supporting all of her rear weight.
Love you Yoshi!!!

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  1. Good luck to Yoshi!!! We're pulling for ya! And yes, that pictures does freak me out...but that's probably because we are only brave enough to have a hamster as a pet!


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