Saturday, June 12, 2010

my daily view

I was sitting on the floor with my camera looking at some pictures I had taken earlier in the day, when this sweet little face came and cuddled up to me. She was a little tired, but not tired enough to take a nap...actually she probably would have if I had let her, but it was too late in the day and well, if you have kids you know a late afternoon nap can sometimes backfire at bedtime. Anyways, I couldn't resist the light on her face.
She was so serious. Another sign that she was tired.
As I was looking at these pictures, I couldn't figure out why I loved them so much. They aren't amazing pictures, although the lighting is nice and she is pretty cute. Then I realized I just love that these pictures capture my view of the kids most of the day...hanging on an arm, leaning on a side, climbing up a leg, lying across my belly. These are the everyday moments that I know some day I will think back on and a smile will creep across my face and my heart and arms will ache. Sometimes these moments are hard to enjoy when the day is moving and that little someone hanging on a leg is slowing me down, but I look at these pictures and I remind myself that these little hands and arms won't be wrapped around me so tightly forever.

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  1. A good reminder for us all...slow down & enjoy our time with our kids...while they are still kids! All the other stuff can wait! And yes, Ella is pretty darn cute!


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