Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Craft Hope

Just discovered Craft Hope through Ashley Ann's blog and I love this whole idea of making crafts for the benefit of others less fortunate and in need. Crafting for myself is fun, but making something for someone else is so much more fulfilling. The current project that they are working on is Project 8 -Golf Coast Oil Spill, where they are partnering up with some of the major organizations that are caring for and cleaning the marine mammals that have been affected by the oil spill. They are collecting hand towels and wash rags along with Dawn dish soap to help clean the animals.
Since the towels and cloths will only be used about 2-3 times before being discarded, they really only need cheap towels. This is not really a craft, but it is definitely a good project to get kids involved and teach them about helping others and keeping the beaches clean. My kids love animals, so this is something I can see them really taking to heart. I love the demonstration Ashley Ann gives to her boys showing the affect the oil has on animals. Very clever. Check it out and check out Craft Hope for more details about the project.

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