Monday, July 19, 2010

jumping and splashing

It has been hot and we are jumping into summer with both feet. We have been busy trying to stay cool and by the end of the day we have found ourselves completely exhausted...(that's why blogging has kind of taken a back seat). I had to drag them away for a little lunch and bribe them with a cantaloupe smoothie. My new favorite drink especially when cantaloupes are $1 each.
Cantaloupe Smoothie
Yup, that easy. You can use fresh cantaloupe or if you want it a little colder you can freeze the cantaloupe. Another great mix to this is watermelon, fresh or frozen. I usually just add enough water to thin so the kids can drink it through a straw. For some reason, everything tastes better through a straw for them.
Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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  1. Your pool is waaay cooler than ours! =) Thanks for the invite today, but we were in Chino Hills. Next time for sure!!!


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