Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Spaces

I have a new little sewing nook!
The usual routine when I sew: Lug the machine, sewing box, fabric and anything else needed for my project out to my dining room table, work on a project, push everything to one side of the table when it is time for dinner, spread everything out again when I continue to work on my project, push to one end for next meal, spread, work, push, eat, feel guilty about my mess, put everything back in the closet.
Those days are now over and I am so excited!
I found Heidi & Finn on etsy and I am so excited. Cute PDF patterns for the littles. I need to get over my pattern phobia, especially since I bought a bunch at JoAnne's when their $1 pattern sale was going on.
I foresee my machine working overtime in the coming months.Here is a picture of my new sewing corner right after I moved a couple of things. I have since been emptying out the cabinet next to my sewing table and filling it with fabric. I have a couple of ideas for right above the sewing table. I also still need to find a small storage unit for right in that corner. My sewing box is taking up way too much room on my table.
Side note: That's not the machine I use to sew, although that one does work. I found it at an estate sale and couldn't pass it up because it's so pretty and I love the color.

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  1. So cool! I need a corner for my sewing too...because I also use our kitchen table as my sewing table. But I just make everyone have a picnic in the family room when I don't want to move my stuff! =)


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