Friday, September 3, 2010

Traveling for eats and treats

Half the fun of traveling is sampling the local eats and treats.
We didn't have to search far.
(Fisherman's Wharf)
I'm not a big candy person, but I was mesmerized just watching the taffy go around...and around...and around...and around...
These guys love candy just like their daddy.
Ice cream and frozen we're talking. We bought them these gigantic treats thinking we would finish them up for them...HA!
(the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz)
He wasn't going to let any go to waste.
Clam chowder samples.
I'm definitely a big soup fan. I could probably eat soup everyday and be perfectly happy.
I missed out on a picture of my clam chowder in a bread bowl because it was just so yummy I just couldn't bring myself to stop and take a picture. YUM!!
So excited for autumn and all of the soup making and eating to be had.

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