Saturday, September 4, 2010

traveling to play

Traveling is definitely to find time and a place to play.
More pictures from our trip up north.
This wasn't me or anyone I know, but it sure looked like fun.
His own secret world of play.
We must have run up and down this hill about 40 times...seriously!
Fun at the Dennis the Menace playground.
So many fun slides and bridges to run across, our quick stop turned into a whole morning.
At the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I look just like the clown.
Swim, swim and a little more swim.
Andy found a place to play.
At a toy store in Solvang.
We found a lot of fun places to play.


  1. Awesome post likes the post so much !!!!
    nice and beautiful pictures of the kids.......

  2. I love all your trip pictures! I wish I could get Jamie to travel a bit more...but he's always so tired on the weekends! Maybe I just need to push a little harder! ;-)


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