Monday, October 18, 2010

little lady luncheon

Ella attended her first little lady luncheon to celebrate this sweet girl, cousin Kate. Kate's little hat was way too cute, but she would only wear it long enough for a quick picture. At this age, these girls now know what they like and don't like. I started making a little skirt for Ella, but she knew exactly which one of her dress-up dresses she was going to wear. No amount of persuasion that a dress-up dress didn't fall into the category of proper attire for a little lady luncheon was going to change her mind. These girls are getting too big too fast.

A beautiful sit down lunch was followed by

jewelery making.Next it was time for some pretty nail polishing. These girls were in heaven.
Ice cream cone cake.Even this handsome gentleman got to attend, keep cousin Luke company, and eat an ice cream cone cake.

Fun was had by all and I'm pretty sure the birthday girl felt celebrated!

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