Friday, October 22, 2010

getting 'greazy'

This little guy loves to get 'greazy', as he says it...not greasy. If Andy is in the garage working on any one of his many projects, Julian can be found somewhere nearby. Most of the time he has a tool in hand and is trying to find something or anything he can use it on.
I love to watch him deep in thought and in his own little world of play.
First he gets his tools ready for the job.He knows there are a lot of exposed bolts and screws on daddy's car that might need a little tweaking.
Sometimes a little reconfiguring of his tool is needed. If that still doesn't work he moves on to another vehicle that can use a little work.
If he is left with a little greaze on his hands after all of his hard work, than his time was well spent.

I love my greazy little guy!

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