Sunday, November 14, 2010

Any suggestions??

 These breathing treatments are now happening 3 times a day. 
Last fall/winter Julian started coughing every night and even had a little bit of wheezing to go along with it.  His doctor prescribed an inhaler.  I really did not want to have this little guy on medications.  They are my absolute last resort.  I can count the number of times the kids have been on antibiotics on my hands.  Very few.  I love and trust my kid's pediatrician, Dr Akey, but I did not want to give in to the medication.  I eliminated cow's milk from his diet and it seemed to help with the coughing and it eventually stopped all together.  I thought I was amazing and a genius...until the coughing started again a couple of weeks ago...and worse than last year.  The wheezing has also increased and both the coughing and wheezing occurs with any type of activity...and this boy is active.  After a night last week of non-stop coughing, wheezing, and throwing up (he has a really sensitive gag reflex), even after using his inhaler we paid Dr Akey a little visit.
(WOW, he needs a hair cut.)
 No more coughing and wheezing at night with the breathing treatments.  I am so happy about that, but I still don't want him on all these medications, especially the steroids.  I think the milk does play a factor and obviously it is seasonal, I am just wondering if there is something else we could use or do that would not invlove meds.  
Any suggestions? 


  1. Sorry I can't help you but I'm so sorry he's going through such a rough patch. I have one that coughs until she's sick too, just awful, especially as she doesn't let us know about it. Nothing worse than going in to kiss her at our bedtime and tasting that!! Oh and standing on it too. Good luck with finding a solution.

  2. This is pretty much what my mom (Tia Hana) went through with me, Mel. I'm so sorry that Julian has to go through it. The treatments helped me a lot and kept me out of the hospital during the winter. I still have an inhaler and try my hardest not to use it. If I'm having an attack I either drink strong coffee or eat chocolate. The caffeine does the same thing as the inhaler, just taste better and isn't a medication. I've only used these "natural remedies" as a last resort (i.e. my inhaler was miles away from me). They take a little longer to work, also. You can try asking my mom what she did to help me. There may be something I'm not remembering. Give Julian a hug for me! :) -Crystal

  3. Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, Sarah, nothing is worse than getting Julian up in the morning and realizing that the dried crust in his hair is throw up that he slept in all night. YUCK!!
    Good to know about the caffeine, Crystal. Julian is always trying to sneak a little sip of my coffee as it is. I'm just going to pour him his own every morning...KIDDING. Definitely as a last resort I might have to use it. Thanks and I will give him a little hug for you.

  4. Hey Melissa! I would recommend taking him to Dr. Hughes up the street from me. He is up Euclid right after the children's museum. He can check for other allergies (intolerance to food) other than milk. Milk is a big one, but it could also be something else. Also, Charlene's youngest has this exact thing. He also has many allergies (intolerance to food) that is not picked up by blood tests. When he runs around, he will most likely have to do his treatments. Maybe you can contact her. Poor baby! I hope he gets better soon!

  5. Thanks Wendy, I hope he is better soon also. He is actually already doing way better. No coughing at night and so I am trying to wean him off the treatments.

  6. Hmm, we have the same issues with 2 of ours. Winter is especially bad. We try not to use the heater (bugs and dust) and this year I invested in allergy mattress covers. It has made a huge difference. I also got the ones for the pillows.

    Also, we always found that using a humidifier made them worse instead of better. It seemed to breed the allergens.


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