Monday, November 15, 2010

Elephants and friends

 A train of elephants and some friends.
 I made this soft little blanket for a friend's baby who will be arriving shortly.
 I drew the little elephants and had planned on making them all the same size...well, sometimes mistakes end up better than the original plan.  The 3 were too big, so I made the middle elephant a little smaller. I like it!
I used flannel so hopefully they won't fray too much.  I machine stitched them on using a really small stitch just in case they do fray.  Then I used a little zigzag stitch for the tails and eyes.
 The little animals were really fun and easy to make.  They are made out of fleece which I know won't fray.  Yea!!
Here is how I made these little guys in 5 easy steps:

1. Cut out two pieces of fabric for each animal.  I kind of winged it, but you could probably sketch the animals on a piece of paper then use it as a template.  Cut them slightly bigger than you think you want them because they get a little smaller after you stuff them.
2. Hand stitch any eyes or ears that you may want on there.
3. Machine sew the two pieces together - wrong sides together leaving a small opening to stuff.  The raw edges are exposed.  No turning. 
4. Stuff.  I stuffed it just enough to puff it out a little.
5. Sew opening closed.  DONE!!


  1. So cute! Kaitlin saw the blanket...I may have to copy your design and make her one!

  2. Do it. It was really fun to make


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