Sunday, November 21, 2010

I love

 This was a bummer.  I burned my pumpkin bread.  Luckily my family isn't too picky and they didn't mind it after I cut all of the burnt parts off and luckily I had made enough batter to make a couple of perfectly moist pumpkin bread loaves.  That's why I love pumpkin bread, it's usually really moist.
 On a subject far far away from pumpkin bread, but about something else I love... 
I love watching this girl draw and color.
 She could do this for hours...and she does.
 'This is a mama wolf (see the bows by her ears) with her water bowl.  The water bowl has a pink paw print on it.  Her baby made the bowl for her.'
I love her imagination!
Signed Ella K.

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