Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 I was invited to a photography workshop this weekend and I learned so much.  This first picture is my favorite.
 Here is the first picture unedited.  
You can see that we had lighting behind the model, Morgan, and 2 off to each side.
 This workshop was on working with flash photography.  I don't have any fancy flashes so I pretty much never use the built in flash in my camera.  I love the natural look of pictures using only ambient light...but there have been so many situations where I miss out on a good photograph because there is not enough ambient light and my pictures are usually blurry...so frustrating!
 I seriously learned so much.  We shot some pictures back in the warehouse where it was really dark. 
I now am a proud owner of a set of flash triggers...now I just need to buy a flash.  My friend was nice enough to let me barrow his flash so I can play around a little.

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