Monday, December 6, 2010


 This year we are having a white Christmas.  I taught E & J how to make snowflakes and it was over after that for Ella.  She seriously sat there for hours making snowflake after snowflake.  I had fun making a couple of my own.  We made some out of old magazine pages and some out of white paper that was printed on one side and was going to be tossed.  
 We transformed a little corner in our house and our windows with our snowflakes.  Not quite as cute as some of the snowflake pictures from a couple of posts ago, but we are loving them.
 This craft was perfect for Ella.  She was able to fold the paper and cut without any help.  Julian made a couple with my help, but it was difficult for him to cut through the 4 layers of paper.  He had fun just cutting the paper and making a huge mess.  I really had no idea one piece of paper could be cut into so many tiny pieces and that the bits of paper could be hiding in every room days later.  A craft just isn't very fun unless a big mess is made, right?
 She was focused.
 The excitement she had when she opened every snowflake was so fun to watch.  She made sure everyone was watching as she revealed each new snowflake.  Sometimes she would even let Julian have the honors of opening a snowflake.
I'm pretty sure we will have paper snowflakes every Christmas.

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