Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little More Vinyl

Here are a few of the other vinyl Christmas gifts I made this year.
Vinyl purses.  
I was inspired by a b-day gift I received from a friend and made little purses with this crocheted trim on it.
 Sunglasses case for her...
 and for him.
 Wallets for all the boys.
 One special order wallet for Ella.  This year with Ella's school pictures she also received an ID card.  She has a little princess wallet, but it wasn't big enough for her ID card, so every time she was asked what she wanted for Christmas she would say a big girl wallet with a puppy on it.
 This one will definitely fit her ID card.
 Julian, of course, also wanted a wallet, only his request was one with a T Rex on it.  I know, don't laugh, that is supposed to be a T Rex.  I'm going to use the excuse that it was really late at night. HA!!!
 Slippers for the little mister...
and a pair for the big mister.
I love vinyl and I still have plenty more.

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  1. I found some vinyl at Big Y Yardage and I've been dying to go back and get it...good to know it's not too hard to work with! Love the purses, wallets and hair stuff!


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