Sunday, January 9, 2011

good decision...

 woke up friday morning to a quiet house with the kid's at grandma's house.  i almost forgot what it feels like to sleep alarm clock in the form of a little fingers poking my face and a sweet voice asking for vitamins, choco's and a movie.  we had planned to go to the beach, but without even a glimpse outside, i knew it was cold and overcast.  andy had been feeling sick and we were not motivated.  we decided after a little deliberation to just call it, let's just go, we finally decided.  so go we did.
 we were greeted by the warm sun
 while poor Yoshi was stuck at home, i had fun taking pictures of our friend's dogs, Red and June.
 we came across a roaring lion.
 our little friend Saylor was not afraid of the lion...
 or her big brother, Red...or is that her sister?
 Ella can always find somewhere to draw.
 fort building time
 our first attempt was rather pathetic
 now this one could withstand all elements and we were very proud of it.
 love this picture of my friend Christie and her little Saylor.
so happy we decided to go.

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