Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Dress - Project ReStyle

Does this scene look familiar?  That's right, here is where I got Julian to come take pictures with me.  I hate taking pictures of myself...all by myself.  This week is my first week of restyling clothes for Project ReStyle.  Again, the harsh lighting but sometimes you gotta snap away when you can. 
 I got this 'not so pretty, but not horrible ' dress for the right price of $1. I liked the print, but the length and the collar were just a little much for me.
 First went the length.  Oops, just a little shorter than I wanted it.
I also changed the collar to more of a Peter Pan collar.  Much better.
I will probably wear it to the beach in the summer, but for now I can layer it like in the top picture.

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  1. Whatever! I need to have you make Ruby's clothes! My grandma used to make all mine when I was a kid and I just love the homemade stuff!


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