Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forest of twigs

 I saw this fun little tree branch project on Made by Joel and thought it would be a perfect little activity to do with Julian since we have so many little twigs and branches in our yard after all that wind.  Turns out I kind of took over the little project and put it on our table.  It might have a couple of hearts hanging on it soon.
 Julian did have fun making it with me, though.  First we gathered our supplies.  A scrap piece of plywood from our scrap pile, some twigs from the yard, a drill, and a little helper.
 Julian was able to drill most of the holes after I kind of started them.
 He was really excited about being able to use the drill.
    Julian wasn't too interested in playing with it, but my little birdie found a new home.
Julian just liked crashing his moto man into my bird.
This was an quick and easy little project and best of all, it didn't cost a cent.

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