Friday, February 4, 2011

Interview with Anjelica Rodarte

My friend Anji, who is an amazing photographer, has decided to follow her passion and love for photography professionally.  I look at her work and I am so amazed.  
I love reading interviews so I decided to do one of my own.  Anji was nice enough to be my first interview.
What inspired you to start your business?
 God first and foremost, then a true love for capturing time and moments.  Trapping them in a photo that will live on longer than me.  It's kind of hard to explain, but I've always felt like God gave me this ability to visually see things like colors, patterns and compositions differently than others may see them.  My absolute goal every time I pick up the camera is to capture how I see the subject so that others may find the same beauty in it.
What/who are your favorite subjects to photograph?
Kids, unposed doing what they love best. They have raw, real emotion that I love shooting.  That is also true for older people. Every line on their face tells a story.  Then it would be nature.
Where do you find inspiration?
Just about anywhere, but it's funny because where I think I am going to find inspiration is the last place I find it.  If I go in with a pre-set idea of how I am going to capture a moment or thing it always gets turned in a completely different direction and I end up capturing something even better!

So there you have it.  Thanks Anji.  I plan to do a few more of these with people who inspire me.

For this newborn shoot shown, Anji had asked if I could make a couple of little hats and a baby cocoon so I gave it a try.  I had never made a cocoon or a hat so small before.  They were fun to make so I think I will be making some for my little shop.  They are perfect for a newborn shoot or for just keeping a little babe warm.
 Go check more of her amazing work here.


  1. I love these pics! So beautiful, and the crochet work too! Great first interview! Congrats!

  2. I didn't know you had an Etsy shop! I love Etsy and I will visit your store!

  3. An amazing line of work, simply beautiful. Great interview!


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