Thursday, February 3, 2011

We can pretend...

 I wish this is what we really looked like when we read together but usually it is at night before bed when we aren't sittin' so pretty.  But we can pretend right?  I don't have too many pictures of this activity that is so much a part of our life and our daily routine so even though we are staged and pretending I am happy we have some pretty pictures of us reading together.
Next week I really need to get some pictures with E.
All pictures were taken by Christie from Lovely Notions.
Join us and embrace the camera.


  1. These pictures are awesome! I need pictures of reading with my kids too! Those are some of my favorite moments.

  2. Cute blog and pics! I'm a new follower!

  3. These are great pictures! I especially love the first one. so sweet!

  4. Great pictures! Most of our "reading" pictures are of Jamie with the girls...gotta get me in there too!

  5. I get you! Sometimes I feel like a photojournalist trying to capture something significant. Then I realize that when it comes to children...everything is significant. Great captures!


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