Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project ReStyle: T-shirt scrap to pj top

 I feel like I am cheating a little with the project this week.  I pretty much just took the fabric from the T-shirt (this is the T Andy let me have for Ella's Yoda ears hat) and sewed it into something else .  I guess I did try to use the graphics a little.  The flannel that I used for his pj bottoms is super soft, but in my opinion, a little more appropriate for a baby boy.  So the graphics at least add a little more big-boyishness to his pj's.  I know these are just jammies so who cares, but this is something a mama sometimes thinks about.
 Ella also got some new pj bottoms.  Like I said previously, I did a lot of sewing this past weekend.  Julian's shirt came out a little on the big side, but I'm good with that because he is growing like crazy.

 Back view.  I had to use the graphics going up and down because that was the only way that it fit. 
So this is my kind of, cheater version, Project ReStyle for the week.


  1. I need you to teach me how to sew clothes...I want to try so badly! And I love the "ella" bunting...I may steal that idea for the girl's room. I painted blocks with letters long ago, but I'm ready for something new.

  2. Let's do it! I can teach you my sloppy bad habits ;)

  3. Meh - it's too cute to be cheating, and besides, it wasn't Jullians shirt so I think it's an official restyle! PS your blog is super cute, I'm glad we connected!!


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