Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Love!

I was going through the kid's books organizing, weeding out ones that we don't read too often and trying to make more room for our every growing collection.  As I was going through them, I realized some of my favorite books are the old vintage ones I have collected here and there.  They have great illustrations.
 Here are a couple of my favorite.
 I love this one and the kid's do too.  We have read this book hundreds of times.  It is now really falling apart and we don't read it much because I want to somehow repair it before we destroy it more.  This was a gift from a friend when Ella was born.  It was published in the 1956.  I love the kid's clothes and most of all I love the way these kid's play..the way kid's should play, using their imagination and being creative in their play.

 This one is called A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa.  It was published in 1957.  Love these illustrations also.

 A great collection of classics published in 1959.  This one is falling apart also.

 Another favorite of the kids with great illustrations, published in 1959.

 I love the record player illustrated under the heading 'And How We Live Today'. 
We love these books...a little too much.  We need to find a place to rebind them before they are destroyed.

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  1. I am just a little jealous of all those vintage books! I love all the pictures and simplicity evoked in them, too :)


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