Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ella's Art Walk

Sometimes I have to force myself to take a little break from the computer because it can seriously suck me in.  There are so many fun things to see and so many places to get inspired. Ten minutes can easily turn into two hours and meanwhile the dishes are piling up, the kid's are hungry, and the baby's diaper is dirty.  HA, no baby around here, but if there was that would probably happenThe only problem with a little break is that when I'm back I have so much to catch up on.  It kind of backfires.  No worries, I'm back and the kid's are fed and napping.  Two late nights in a row for them and for anyone who has kids knows that tired kids are like little crazy people.  They want an orange, they don't, tears because they do want it, but 'NO' why would you ever think of giving it to them peeled....Yikes!  At least we had fun with our late nights.  We went on an art walk on Friday night and the kid's had so much fun.  Art, photo booths, freshly baked cookies, walking, music, more snacks...who wouldn't have fun?  I didn't take my camera (gasp!), I know, but I wanted it to be a really relaxing night, and something about trying to take pictures while making sure the kid's were safe while crossing busy streets and that no costly items were broken in little shops, didn't sound too relaxing.  So here is some of Ella's artwork representing.  The first item up is a family portrait minus me.  I love this one.  The little dots and lumps on the arms are muscles.  Andy apparently has little tiny muscles.  I'm not quite sure either why his legs are so short.  I'm pretty sure Julian is sitting on eggs, but that is questionable.  I do know for sure that the lines on Julian's face are scratches from his own claws. 

Mom Under the Apple Tree
pen and colored pencil
Whale and Submarine
watercolor and crayons
My Lisrd
 pen and colored pencil
Just a little sampler.  This girl makes new pieces everyday.
Happy weekend!


  1. Love the artwork! Thanks for stopping by and commenting over at my place! You won't believe this nut your header is one of the two I was trying to do something like. Your blog is one of my favorites because it represents family and isn't so high tech and busy like some others! :-). Just moms trying to do the same thing I guess! Come back and check me out sometimes. I need to stir up some followers!

  2. this melts my heart.. id totally frame these pretty paintings! i dont have a little family of my own yet but i often care for my nephews and i know what it means to have sleepy/cranky children around the house. 2 nights ago, my nephew (who is 2 yrs old and just got over his "terrible two" stage) was given a Popsicle and a slice of cake then was left for me to care for. ohhhhh Lordy Lord. he was a maniac! in about two hours, his sugar high was wearing off and he was ready to crash. silly me, i was a bad auntie.. i didnt realize or even think that it was because he was tired. there were tears all over his face and boogers running out of his nose! i did everything from putting Dora on to giving him a banana and when i picked him up to put him in a time-out he feel asleep in my arms <3 children are so joyful!


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