Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anyone can do it...

 We haven't had a decent veggie/herb garden in years.  At our last house, Andy made me an amazing little garden with raised planter beds where we planted more tomatoes and squash than we could eat and fresh picked herbs were a plenty.  Every year for the last 5 years that we have lived at our current home, I have told myself we are going to have an amazing veggie garden but sadly some attempts were sabotaged by Yosh and other years we didn't even try...until now.
 I have never started a veggie garden this early in the year but with our mild temps I am keepin' my fingers crossed that my little plants will thrive and we will be able to eat off the fat of the land.
   This past weekend I decided it was now or never for our little garden.  I was keeping an eye out for a little wood for our raised garden bed, when I passed a local business that had a couple of pallets in a big dumpster.  Bob, the owner, was nice enough to help me load them up and get them off of his hands.  Don't worry, the dumpster just had concrete and wood in it.  It wasn't too dirty.  It was a little more work tearing apart the pallets than I had anticipated, but I used pretty much every piece of those pallets.  I think I scared Andy a little when he got home to find me going crazy with a skill saw and a couple of hammers, but I think he was also a little impressed that I was able to bang these little beds together and that they were actually pretty sturdy.  He is having a hard time admitting it though.  That's okay, he doesn't have to admit it...I know.
I had the best little helper with all of the planting and she did a really good job.  
Today when she got home from school she said, 'Mom, can I pick the tomatoes?'  
Awww, if only they really did grow that fast.


  1. You're such a handy gal! I'm in awe! Love the new picture at the top of the blog!


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