Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back Home

 Back home trying to adjust to our daily life.  It feels the same, but with a slight difference.  We bring home the experience of our trip and somehow it has changed a little of who we are. 
 We experienced the bugs...the big beautiful ones that don't even look real...the ones that leave you itching even after the bags are unpacked...and the noisy ones that buzz harmoniously together.
We got a little glimpse of the life in a small city in Panama
 as we visited our good friend Barb
 and made new friends.
 We couldn't go to Panama and not experience the canal. 
 We spent some time in the city
and some time at the beaches...of course.  
Some of our favorite experiences were with the people we met.  

This is just a tiny sampling of our trip, but as I slowly adjust to being back home I will go through my hundreds and hundreds of pictures and post many more.
The next couple of weeks I will also be busy trying to have something to take with me to Patchwork.  
Ahh, the first one is less than 2 weeks away.  
Off to sew!


  1. welcome boys would love the big bugs. :)

  2. welcome, welcome <3 such beautiful photos <3


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