Wednesday, May 18, 2011

El Salvador

 Here are a couple more pictures from our trip.  The last week we went to El Salvador.  We had a perfect view of the surf right from our hotel.  Andy was on it everyday.  I only surfed a couple of days because the swell was pretty big everyday.
 The kids took full advantage of the pool and swam everyday until their fingers were like prunes.  Ella learned how to swim all the way across the pool all by herself.  By the end of the trip she was a little pro.
 Julian was a little fish also.
 We had a yummy breakfast every morning.
 We did a little sight seeing and visited the Mayan ruins...
spent an afternoon at Coatepeque Lake, which was a beautiful crater lake from a volcano...

and went to one of the Mayan pyramids.


  1. Beautiful pictures...I love Ella's little face in the breakfast picture!

  2. Beautiful images, I miss El Salvador!


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