Monday, May 9, 2011

Santa Catalina

 This isn't Santa Catalina, but this bamboo forest was so pretty I just had to throw these in.

 The rest of these are in Santa Catalina.  We stayed at this really nice place called Hibiscus Garden.  It was beautiful. I loved the styling of the place and how they incorporated natural materials and art into their furnishings and decoration.


  1. a) i am so jealous of your trip that i probably am not speaking to you. b) i want to touch that thing that appears to be a cow. c) when are you going to show your short hair...i didn't forgt ;)

  2. wow, oh wow!!!! these photos are stunning <3 i too am sooo jealous of your trip!!!

  3. ooooOOooo looks like an awesome trip!

  4. Your pictures inspire me to become a better photographer...we'll see if I can work on that! =)


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