Friday, May 6, 2011

Feelin' small...

that was how we were feeling as we cruised through the Panama canal next to the container ships.  They are enormous.  
It is hard to get a perspective as to how big they are, but we probably only came up to about the bottom of the g.

 This is what we were cruising along in.
 That was our serious boat driver.  He was a good tour guide though...he pointed out the sloths in the trees and turtles in the water.  He had a good eye.
 I'm not quite sure what the message in his boat meant.  Something about work...even if I knew Spanish I suspect it would be difficult to figure out.
 He took us to this beautiful little area of the canal and around Monkey Island.
 Those guys were not shy.
Another view of art on the dock.  
  I wish I would have had something to contribute to it.

So that was our little journey in the Panama canal and feeling a little small.  
I think it it good to sometimes be reminded just how small we are.

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