Thursday, July 14, 2011

embrace the camera :: go, go, go!!!

 the past couple of weeks have been so much fun and so tiring at the same time.   yesterday was no exception.  last night when i finally got into bed, my bed felt like perfection.  
7:30 out of bed
7:40 coffee...thanks babe
8:00 breakfast for the kids
8:15 call mom and wish her happy birthday!!!
9:00 get ready, make lunches
10:30 off to knott's
10:40 stop at target for sunblock that i forgot at home
11:00 arrive at knott's
 run, play, ride, jump, 

 4:00 arrive home and carry kids inside to continue sleeping
4:15 start making dinner - enchiladas and tomato/ cucumber salad
5:00 clean up a little while dinner is cookin'
5:30 wrap mom's gift and andy gets home
5:35 mom arrives and we eat dinner
6:00 mom and i leave for the movies and hear the kid's crying as we leave
6:20 arrive at movies and meet up with my cousin and my aunt
6:45 movie starts - (tree of life)
7:15 we leave movie ( all i have to say is - did someone change the channel?)
and go into bridesmaids - hilarious and a little raunchy...ok a lot raunchy, but i think i almost peed my pants.
9:45ish...i think, we head home
10:00 hang out with andy and indulge in a root beer float
10:30 i wake up on the couch
10:35 into bed...ahhhhh! 

it felt so good to get to bed early, why don't i do this more often?

summer lovin' for sure here in our parts!!


  1. this looks so fun is it Knots berry farm?

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I wish I had Knots closer to home! They sure look like they had so much fun and you are soooo your freckles :)

  3. Great pictures! Sounds like a super fun, exhausting day! And I so want to see Bridesmaids. I've heard from so many that it is hilarious :)

  4. You know, I say that everytime I make it to bed before midnight... Why don't I do this more often... and then I don't. These shots are so cute.

  5. busy. busy. fun filled day indeed! i grew up in SoCal and my BF's mom worked at knots. so, needless to say, we spent many a weekends there. memories!

  6. great photos! reading the schedule made me feel tired! but it all sounded like so much fun! :)


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