Wednesday, July 13, 2011

on my mind...

today we are off to get some butterflies in our stomach and hoping not too many people are headed to the same destination.

thinking about how to fill a blank wall in the kid's new shared room.  i like this idea.

going through a lot of different recipes for canning.  there will be a lot of jam, but also looking for a good way to preserve some of our tomatoes.

cutting more fabric for our summer quilt.  maybe it will be done by the end of summer.  it is going to be very basic, but i wish i could make something like this.

i want to try this buttermilk syrup recipe.  

loving the new look in our backyard.

off to play.

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  1. You were right is was SO COOL there! The kids just had a blast. We didn't leave until 9! We were beat! Maybe we can go together sometime soon?


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