Thursday, August 18, 2011

all was not lost...

(photos by Anjelica Rodarte)
i'm embracing this literally.

so the other day my friend asked if we wanted to come over and make these really cute A-fame tents she saw on cakies blog.  say no more.  MAKE something...of course...she was speaking my language.  i had admired the tent on cakies also and had made one for my nephew's birthday and had also bought enough wood to make one for my kiddos.  we were set.

the kid's took turns doing most of the cutting and drilling of holes...they were really into it.  this gave us mamas a chance to take some great photos...well, here's the funny thing.  i wish i could share the pics that i took but i am such a novice with all things technical.  i shot my pics in RAW and i can't figure out how to even edit them.  ugh!  oh, well.  luckily my friend is an A-MAZING photographer and captured so many really great shots.  check out her post here on our tent making adventures.

all was not lost...

*we had a whole lotta fun
*the tents turned out way cute
*my friend is one step closer to becoming a sewer
*thanks to my friend, i got these really great pictures of myself with my camera.  i love these pictures and usually i don't like pictures of myself.  i like that it is a picture of me doing something i really love.

thanks anji!!!

now head on over to the anderson crew and embrace the camera


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Love the shots of you :)

  2. Those are great shots of you! I love the tent as well. It was awesome that the kids got to be so involved. What a great place to chill out and read or hide and eat junk food. Great job!


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